Saturday, November 27, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Refractor vs Loki Lestat (Juggalows)

Refractor started the rap cypher and claimed to be surprised that Illusion Z didn't slap Loki Lestat in the chin. He then mentioned that his opponent dropped so many names in the battle he had against Quez that he was surprised he didn't mention Gin. Loki Lestat then went into spit and called Refractor Leroy Jenkins. He then had jokes about his opponents penis size and then told him to slip his ass to Springfield. He then said finished him and his opponent marvel comics super heroes. Refractor won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

Refractor went into the cypher and accused Loki Lestat of sitting down to pee. He then brought up how his opponent rhymed night with night four times and said Loki Lestat rhymed night with night like four times and then had a great impersonation of him and mentioned Donnie Menace as well. He ended comparing his opponent to a wild Berry pop tart. Loki Lestat then went into spit claiming that Refractor could leave and told a story about how his mother invited him over. He then told Refractor that he wasn't Soul khan and that he was like battle raps William Hung. He then tried to call his opponent a fagot and his mother of having a stink pussy. Refractor won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of what was looking like a freestyle battle aka the promo round Refractor asked Loki Lestat if he thought his vampire gimmick would bite him in the ass. He then said that his opponent sucks at rapping and claimed that he could rip out his vital organs if he wanted to. He claimed to be a vicious competitor. Loki Lestat then went into spit and claimed to spit dope and compared Refractor rapping to Tila Tequila. He then tried to get lyrical but his fangs seemed to have got in the way of him doing so. Both emcees had flaws in my opinion so this was a tie.

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