Tuesday, November 23, 2010


E. RHYNES started the tag team rap battle first for his crew and said that when he heard about his battle he was Grinding and getting his change up and said KOLLISION claims that he is Cowboy. He also accused his adversary's favorite movie of being broke back mountain and claimed that he would put him to sleep. MR SELL went into rhyme for his crew claiming the match was supposed to be for money and told KOLLISION then accused XHAIL of having stink breath. MR SELL & KOLLISION then XHAIL was a chump and implied toasting with wine after they beat there opponents. They then said implied that there opponent chokes on his raps and said that they would jack him for his bricks. KOLLISION & MR SELL won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher XHAIL went in claiming to have swagger and then started mumbling and then ultimately choked. He accused his opposition's of getting blow up dolls in his video and seemed to have choked again. KOLLISION then went into rhyme for his team and accused XHAIL of choking at his Grind Time tryouts. He then called his adversary a homo thug and MR SELL accused his opponents of being bums when it came to rap. He then claimed that E. RHYNES didn't have to dress up for Halloween and basically tried to call him ugly. He then accused his opponent of not bearing guns and claimed that when Google'd his opponent he couldn't find a single track by him. KOLLISION & MR SELL won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the third round of the competition E. RHYNES went into spit and claimed that his opponent's look for homicides in broad daylight. He claimed that KOLLISION be at the battles every weekend trying to hit on woman who don't want him and ended with basket ball player references. KOLLISION went into rhyme and said that his opposition's should have basically known better. He then accused E. RHYNES girlfriend of having a bad reputation and implied beating there opponent's asses. At the end of there verse they told there challengers to leave there town. KOLLISION & MR SELL won this round of the cypher.


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