Saturday, November 20, 2010


BIZZY GUNZ started the rap battle against MARTINI and claimed that he was ready to hit like two dogs. He then claimed to be moving bricks through U Haul and claimed that he dared anyone to move wrong. He then claimed that his opponent's leader was a bitch and labeled his crew soft. MARTINI then went into rap and claimed he would body someone over his posse. He then warned BIZZY GUNZ not to make him catch a case and said to call him Al Capone mixed with a little Gotti. He then claimed to stay winning while losers be steady losing and claimed to murder beats. He compared the way that he would leave his adversary to bad case of malaria. MARTINI won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap battle BIZZY GUNZ went into this round of the rap cypher and claimed to be fresh out the slammer. He claimed that MARTINI would get slammed up if he acted fresh and told him he would get his set jammed up. He then told his opponent to keep his mouth shut and not to mention his name. He also said the cops weren't taking him back. MARTINI then went into rhyme and claimed that he was sick of lame cats always claiming that they thug. He then said you would think he was taking drugs because of the way he spits crack. He ended his verse implying on how he would rob BIZZY GUNZ. MARTINI won this round of the rap clash.

In the third round of the cypher BIZZY GUNZ went into rhyme and told MARTINI that he didn't have to stunt. He then said his opponent was weak and told him not to speak and just honor him. He then said he creeps six deep armored truck and claimed to have did a few videos. He seemed to be spitting off the top towards the end. MARTINI then went into rhyme and claimed that he makes money when the block gets played. He told BIZZY GUNZ that he didn't have to be the doctor to take a shot and claimed to have payed 700 for his red monkeys. He claimed that his rival wouldn't smack ass in the strip club after his quick pause. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this rap clash BIZZY GUNZ went in and basically was giving MARTINI a warning. He claimed to be all about his bread and claimed that his adversary never shot before and threatened to run him over. MARTINI went in and claimed to stay on his fly shit and that if he pulled out his guns he wasn't just aiming to show. He basically spit about his guns and running up on his opposition. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

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