Tuesday, November 30, 2010


DUTCHESS went into telling everybody that she was back now and claimed that K PROPHET was another rap chick. She then called her opponent the Aftermath and claimed hat she would cover her. She then tried to imply to Vague that her adversary wasn't the best he had for her and claimed that she ran her block accusing her of being a Long Island native. K PROPHET then went into spit and asked DUTCHESS who she knew with a better flow than hers. She then claimed to be one of a kind and divine. She then implied that her challenger enjoys getting gang banged and giving deep throat. She was lyrical and ended claiming to be a winner.

DUTCHESS then went into rhyme and claimed K PROPHET was talking basically running her mouth. She then said she had stuff to get off her chest. She then claimed to be known as a serial killer in the streets and claimed to be the hardest. She ended her verse telling her adversary that she looked hot and should get up off her. K PROPHET then went into flow and said DUTCHESS can't tell her nothing. She then said her adversary was quick to suck a dick for money because her ex boy friend got rid of her. She then claimed her challenger was a transvestite. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

DUTCHESS then went into rhyme and compared herself to jigger man. She then claimed that exposing lame fake rappers had been her plan and implied that people wanted to know what she was about. She said her adversary was another ugly battle rapper lie the rest of them and said she was a disgrace. She claimed that there was no antidote for her oppositions craziness. K PROPHET went into rhyme and called DUTCHESS a pretty young thing. She then tried to call her easy and a dumb bitch. She claimed her challenger wasn't in her class. She ended her bars claiming to have daughter-ed her opponent. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.


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