Wednesday, December 1, 2010


PUSH PAX went into spit implying that his wining streak proved that he was the nicest one out. He then tried to imply that the elite battle rappers didn't want it with him. He then told P STACKS to pill his iron out and told him not to talk about buying a house. He then implied that standing in front of him was a bad place. He claimed that his adversary was trying to imitate him and ended insulting his girl. P STACKS then went into perform claiming that he would PUSH PAX wig back. He then implied that he himself was a producer and called his adversary out on never pushing a brick and claimed that he had more Youtube views. He then implied that all his adversary did was battle rap and invited him to fight. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the exhibition PUSH PAX went into rhyme and claimed that P STACKS who he referred to as being retarded battled in a park. He then told a story of how the match came to be and claimed that Vague told him he was better off battling Nick Minaj. He then implied that he sleeps with his adversary's girl and claimed to know her. P STACKS then went into rhyme and claimed that you would never catch him slipping because he was always on patrol. He claimed that he could have got PUSH PAX caught up when he least expected it. He then claimed that this match was a set up and then later on started messing up. PUSH PAX won this round of the exhibition.

PUSH PAX then went into the third round of the cypher and tried to give P STACKS stacks advice. He then called his oppositions whole family was gay and claimed that his boys ride. He then said his opposition was a corn and claimed they weren't the same. P STACKS then went into spit and claimed that you would think that PUSH PAX really sold drugs. He claimed to have told some body that he would expose his adversary and claimed that he was a veteran while his opponent was an Amateur. He then said that his challenger couldn't rap like him and accused him of having elementary school rhymes. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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