Friday, December 10, 2010

DFI 4 - Bony Vs Nugget

Nugget went in to anxiously start the first round of this match and accused Bony of having a melon face. He then tried to say his opponent's mental stage is less then his weight and accused him of living in a depressing place. He seemed to be implying that his opposition strings together irrelevant multi's and accused him of spitting weak bars. He ended inquiring about his opponent having sex with nash and claimed that he was about to rip him apart. Bony then went into spit with a rebuttal on Nugget claiming that rap was about who had better rhymes. His lyrical skills were thorough. He called his adversary a fat spastic and claimed that he would burn him. He then claimed he would rape his challengers 3 year old niece or have sex with his mother. This round of the exhibition was was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the hip hop battle Nugget claimed that you could slag him and seemed to be trying to imply that Bony's girl be coming the battles to watch him. He also compared himself to osteoporosis and he broke down his adversary's name. He tried to accuse his rival of practicing bestiality. Bony went into spit and claimed that Nugget has a child and hangs online trying to learn how to rhyme. He told his his rival to go and get a tasty meal and said that this wasn't a make believe scene where he would win matches on King Of The Dot aka KOTD. He ended his verse clearly with a freestyle. This round of the match goes to Nugget in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical battle Nugget went into spit and started comparing himself to Bony. He then brought up something about his oppositions last battle and proceeded on to curse at his opponent. He then claimed that when his opposition was rapping it looked like he was trying to dance with him. Bony then went into spit and claimed that Nugget looked ugly. He accused his challenger of enjoying to get gang raped. He had many comparisons to what his opponent was to him and called him a clone to gnome. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the lyrical battle Bony went into spit and claimed that Nugget plays kings of Camelot. He then tried to accuse his challenger of being a cry baby and brought up his opposition's win in the UK. He claimed that his rival only got it because Nate didn't show up. Nugget then went into spit and seemed to be implying that the OT was A big surprise. He then told his adversary to go back to Dublin and stop messing up the good rap battle league. He claimed to shatter dreams in battles while his rival's dream is to be on Off The Hook magazine. Nugget won this round of the exhibition

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