Sunday, December 5, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - L Rev vs Edwords

Edwords started the exhibition and claimed that L Rev family is alcoholics. He seemed to have messed up and repeated himself for what reason. He then claimed the economy crashed through and claimed that he would leave his adversary sniffing herbs. L Rev then went into spit and claimed that he loved to spit the noise. He then claimed he was a rapist and he was gonna rape Edwords. He also imitated his opposition and claimed that at birth his mother wanted him to die. He then made fun of his height and called his opponent a late bloomer. He then accused his adversary of learning to deep throat from choking a lot. L Rev won this round of the match up in my opinion.

Edwords went into rhyme and claimed L Rev looks in his bank account and every day it's smaller. He then said his opponent is an educated scholar and then claimed he would switch up the flow as he showed the true capability of his lyrical skills. L Rev then went into rap and didn't hesitate to pull the racism card on Edwords. He claimed that his adversary's were natives of Canada and claimed that he was gonna crack his jaw with a bat. He claimed that he would go in his opponent's house just to kick him in the nuts and claimed that he would let Syco ejaculate or jizz on his food. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the third and last round of the match Edwords went into spit against L Rev while having a quick slip up while claiming that he was starting to get sick of battles and claimed that he wasn't the angry type but battles had made him like this. He claimed told Calgary that he would leave this battling alone and ended talking about how he'd scrape his adversary off of cement. L Rev then went into rhyme and claimed people were sick of Edwords written's. He then compared his opponent to a shitty politician and mentioned Sketch Mennace, Jack Shitt, Charron, Chedda cheese and Smack subliminally. L Rev won this round of the exhibition.

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