Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Jungle Aceo vs Hi-Fashion

Aceo started the match with what seemed to be a true story about Hi-Fashion and asked a question. He then accused his rival of calling out Conceited, Blackheart Adonis, and Heartless. He accused his adversary of being a bitch and a fagot. His punchlines were thorough. He brought up the fact that his rival was a fashion designer. Hi-Fashion then went into spit and claimed that everybody kept on asking him why he was tripping. He then claimed that QP was a snitch and Aceo wasn't originally gangster. He then seemed to have a quick slip up and then jumped back in and dissed Stockton California claiming to be from Los Angeles. He stopped in the middle of his verse. Aceo definitely won this round of the match.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Aceo went into rhyme and claimed that he could tell Hi-Fashion didn't have any fashion sense. He claimed that his oppositional never got in to trouble with the police and cross dresses. Hi-Fashion then went into flow against Aceo and had subliminal messages of Will Smith. His punchlines weren't bad and he ended his bars claiming that his challenger was getting ass kicked by a fashion designer which was him. Aceo won this round of the exhibition.

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