Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Coast Battles: 2 on 2 Tournament

Jones Dean started the freestyle battle for his team with Lil Puppy started the freestyle battle first and claimed that he doesn't listen to Sublime even though he wasn't white. He also accused Speedy Calhoun of enjoying to spit on penis's. Lil Puppy then went in and started spitting off the top but got cut off before he could get out a good punchline. Sho' Biz then went into rhyme and claimed that no one would pay Jones Dean to shine. Speedy Calhoun compared Lil Puppy ti Nicki Minaj and accused Jones Dean of having a small penis. Sho' Biz and Speedy Calhoun won this round of the exhibition.

In the second round of the cypher Jones Dean went into freestyle and claiming that Speedy Calhoun rhymes awkward and claimed to be messing with his girl. He then claimed he wasn't acting and was rapping. Sho' Biz then went in and claimed to be claiming that Jones Dean and Lil Puppy's fairy tale is fake. He then tried imply that his opponent was a pedophile who messed with underage women and clamed that he would beat up his opponent' matter the occasion. Sho' Biz and Speedy Calhoun won this round of the opinion of me.

No Coast Battles: 2 on 2 Tournament Round 1 (part 1)

In the first round of the rhyme cypher RCX went into spit and claimed that his opponents wanted them to go first to make a diversion. He referred to his lyrics as if he was getting ready to bake something. Kerry claimed that the stuff his opponent was rhyming about was lame. Megadef then went into spit and tried to imply that his challengers weren't beating him. Mr. Xtra said he was being nice earlier when he complimented his opponent on his match. This round of the competition was won by RCX and Kerry in my opinion.

In the second round of the exhibition RCX went in anxiously freestyle flowing and accused his adversary of only using guns when he plays Time Crisis. Kerry accused his adversary of looking fake with his logo design. Megadef then went into rhyme and claimed stereotypes are a bitch and seemed to start messing up. Mr. Xtra then went in and gave his explanation for cutting his opposition off. This round of the exhibition went to Megadef and Mr. Xtra.

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