Monday, December 6, 2010

"Kampus Smakk" Q vs ShaBizky

Q started the exhibition trying to imply that ShaBizky wasn't touching his skills. He then claimed that he would end his oppositions career before it started and claimed to be a gorilla. He then claimed that it was murder on the track and compared his adversary's flow to Nova Cane. He then claimed the battle was a stick up and claimed he would shoot him just for doing a hiccup. ShaBizky then went into spit and claimed that he had been waitiing for this match a long time. He then said he felt like Q had been ducking him and said that his adversary sucked to him. He also said that his rival was a hoe ass nigga and implied showing him what his gun would do. He then claimed that he had a lot of nigga's at the battle and compared it checkers. His bar-b-cue punchline was too funny. ShaBizky won this round of the exhibition.

In the second round of the hip hop battle Q went in claiming that ShaBizky was sad when it came to rap and claimed he would beat him with a cane. He claimed that he be messing with his oppositions girl behind his back. He tried to show off that he could use the letter k mad times in his rhymes. ShaBizky then went into spit and compared himself to a wild animal while Q is a cat. He also tried to imply that his opponent wasn't a real nigga and claimed that his opponent reminded him of Erick Brooks. He then went onto say his adversary had a small mouth with big ears. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

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