Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Kidd W.I.T.E vs J Bentley

Kidd W.I.T.E went into rhyme claiming that this wasn't a thing to him and he had been there several times. He then said his game plan was to be better at rhymes and asked J Bentley why he named himself after a car that he never would drive. He then claimed he would serve his opponent's spine and claimed that he called him a joker that compensated for his poor rhyming skills with jokes. He then claimed to have seen real things and didn't laugh very much. He then said his adversary was extremely whack. J Bentley then went into spit and referred to Kidd W.I.T.E as being the broke Slim Shady. He then tried to call his opposition the offspring of Eminem and B Real. He claimed that this match was the holocaust and claimed then had insults on his opponents hair style. Kidd W.I.T.E won this round of the rap cypher based on consistency.

Kidd W.I.T.E then went into rhyme during this round of the exhibition and claimed J Bentley was real corny. He then tried to call the guy gay as well and claimed to be a beast that doesn't spit basic. He then tried to imply that his opposition rides around in a rapist van and accused he lives in the streets. J Bentley then went into spit and accused Kidd W.I.T.E of getting happy in a room full of guys. He then compared his challenger's punchlines to his sisters hits and accused him of having tit-ties. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of rap cypher Kidd W.I.T.E went into spit and claimed that J Bentley was a retard who named himself after his dream car. He then compared his rival's woman to a car and claimed that his team was pissing him off. He then claimed his opposition was a nerd and didn't finish his verse very smoothly. J Bentley then went into spit and called Kidd W.I.T.E battle rappers delight. He claimed that he hat be spitting off the top throughout the whole competition. He claimed that he was on to bigger better things like getting signed by Def Jam then implied that his opponent would get boo'd by a death man. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

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