Saturday, December 11, 2010

DFI 5 - KDeath Vs Jee4ce

KDeath started the lyrical match claiming that where he was from was full of bigot and ignorant farmer types. He then seemed to be trying to make fun of Jee4ce's light situation and accused him of accidentally killing his whole class in school. He then claimed that the his opponent records music in Scotland because he was unwanted in his own home. Jee4ce immediately went into rhyme not hesitating to make fun of KDeath's hairy appearance. He then claimed that he did not know where to begin and tried to accuse him of smelling bad and claimed that he wasn't slightly impressed by his raps. He ended his bars claiming that his challengers hair needed a trimming. Jee4ce won this round of the cypher.

KDeath then went into spit and seemed to be trying to accuse Jee4ce of living on contaminated grounds. He claimed to have two wins and accuse d his opponent of spitting no homo shit every time he seizes up. He the ended implying that his opponent chokes during his verses quite frequently. Jee4ce then went into spit and claimed to have choked in s few battles. He then claimed that he would still beat KDeath if he choked on every round and accused him of being from medieval times. He claimed that his rival looks like he uses too much of the drug acid and called him a hippie. Jee4ce won this round of the match

In the third round of the competition KDeath went into rhyme and claimed that Jee4ce looks like an inbred. He tried to imply that the British caught jitters at Don't Flop Doubles and claimed his opponent was not fully Irish. Jee4ce then went into rhyme and claimed that KDeath was a fan of his. He then went on to call his challenger a fake enchanter and told him at the end of his verse that he could keep his battle record. KDeath won this round.

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