Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rap Battle: Doms vs Kooly Bop. AHAT Rap Battle League

Kooly Bop went into rap claiming that the day was finally there that he got to battle Doms and compared the two of them. He then told his adversary that he wasn't balling and was barely making minimum wage. He then started to make insults on Ratchet and his crew. He then claimed that his opponent and K.O.N. were Beavis and Butt head. Doms then went in claiming to be cool with the battle raps but made his music righteous. He also accused Kooly Bop of sucking with his flow and made short jokes. He claimed that his adversary could limbo without ducking.He ended his bars claiming to be the reason that his challenger was in a main event. Doms won this round of the cypher in my opinion

In the second round of the exhibition Kooly Bop went into spit and claimed that he could turn Ahat in to a murder scene. He claimed that Doms wouldn't swing and called him a mascot for Burger King. He also claimed that his opposition should be singing country instead of rapping and compared him to a Nick Carter from the Back Street Boys. Doms then went into spit and made more height jokes on Kooly Bop calling him a miniature elf. He ended his verse telling his opposition to switch his glasses around but claimed that he wouldn't see him whether he did or not. Doms won this round of the match.

In the third round of the exhibition Kooly Bop went into spit and claimed to be a big spender. He claimed to be new school while Doms dressed retro. He claimed to have had sex with his adversary's girl and claimed his opposition was jocking him. The man claimed thought opponent was softer than a toaster pastry and ended telling him to walk back down to the Eight Mile. Doms then went into spit and claimed that Kooly Bop didn't just look little but he liked a lot of little shit. He brought up rivals battle against Kaine and had a quotable punchline. Doms won this round of the exhibition.

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