Sunday, December 5, 2010

NJ Rap Battle: Rex Vs Ant Live (Newark Vs. Jersey City)

Ant Live started the freestyle battle against Rex claiming that he was the same little nigga that had been spitting sine he was nine and claimed that he had a label. He claimed that he was on the block and had a whole team behind him. Rex then went into rhyme against Ant Live implying sitting back relaxing in the club throwing hundreds. He compared his his gun to a shark. This round of the exhibition was a tie.

Rex then went into spit against Ant Live and implied pulling up into the club in a coupe. He then implied shooting his challenger with a biretta and called him sweet like candy. He then claimed to have the fiends excited. Ant Live then went into rhyme against Rex and claimed that nigga's wanted to challenge him. He also claimed to be a threat to the whole Jersey city and claimed that he was better than the veterans. Ant Live won this round of the freestyle exhibition.

In the third round of the emcee battle Ant Live went in against Rex promoting his crew and claimed they were money hungry and taking over. He then claimed he would drop his opponent's top and compared himself to Candy man. Rex then anxiously went into MC and claimed that everybody knew that he sips purple. He then claimed that he had a jab that would split Ant Live's tooth. He also claimed that bitches call him back and ended his verse shouting out New Jersey Bloods. This round of the MC Battle was a tie in my opinion.

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