Monday, December 13, 2010

DFI 5 - Rob Steeenson vs Lethal Dialect

Lethal Dialect went into rhyme claiming that he didn't know how Rob Steeenson could have high self esteem and claimed that he's sick of him. His verse was lyrical and he had some good imitations. Rob Steeenson then went into spit and claimed that people calling Lethal Dialect. He gave a shout out to Grind Time as well. He ended his rhyme predicting everything his challenger would say to him. Lethal Dialect won this round of the live match.

In the second round of the match Lethal Dialect went in and seemed to be freestyle rapping with a rebuttal on Rob Steeenson. He seemed to be implying that his opponent chases and stalks little boys and tried to imply that it wasn't a good thing for his opponent to be the future of rap. He had slick rhymes. Rob Steeenson then went into spit and claimed that someone stuck a finger up Lethal Dialect's butt. He then claimed that his opposition couldn't even put together 16 bars for a mix tape and ended making a statement that Genesis had sex with his mother. This round at the live event was a tie.

In the third round of the exhibition Lethal Dialect went into spit and told Rob Steeenson not to talk to him like was Gully. He then claimed mocked his oppositions name accusing him of naming himself after a pussy. He then tried to rebuttal again but couldn't seem to remember what he wanted to counter and tried to imply that Juelz Santana wrote his opponent's rhymes. Rob Steeenson then went into spit and claimed that he was surprised that when Lethal Dialect choked on his bars that his mates didn't taunt. He then choked himself then came back in claiming that was sleeping around with his rival's girl friend because he bored her. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie in my opinion.

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