Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden State Bullies presents: True Temper vs. Joe Cutter

True Temper started the hip hop battle first and cursed at Joe Cutter then claimed that he thinks his shit doesn't stink. He then accused his opposition of starting a trend and asked him if he had a vagina for a penis. He then claimed that his adversary takes his photo's on the antique road show with a box camera. He had an animated verse and ended his bars comparing his opposition to a super producer. Joe Cutter then went in and didn't hesitate to spit about getting his cock sucked by True Temper's mother. He then accused his adversary of having a massive porn dungeon and accused him of playing with fake vagina's. He then claimed to have done research on his challenger and seen battles that he won. he accused his opposition of wanting to be Tantrum's dad. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion

In the second round of the cypher True Temper went into spit and seemed to be implying that Joe Cutter is a liar. He then called his opponent an over cock sucker and claimed that they both weren't gutter. He then ended his bars claiming to be a better song writer. Joe Cutter then went into spit claiming to be on the Non perishables 2 album and accused True Temper of collecting recyclables with a big hat on. He also claimed that his challenger was getting fat and claimed that he would never ever respect him. Joe Cutter won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the exhibition True Temper then went into rhyme and claimed that Joe Cutter douche bag with a tatted neck. He then started to make fun of his opponent's son when and then the guy through a shirt at him. He then accused his son of getting left behind in school and started stumbling on his bars. Joe Cutter then went into spit and claimed that True Temper had a half a pack of Mints in his diaper. He then accused him of having a midget erection and compared his glasses to portals to different dimensions. Joe Cutter would have won this round of the exhibition based on bars but True Temper won based on his sportsmanship.

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