Sunday, December 5, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Bartone vs Syco *($1000 Battle)*

Bartone started the rap competition first and claimed that he should call Syco a munch-kin or dwarf. He then went onto say that he deserved soul recognition and claimed to have sex with girls that can pass for looking as good as Halley Berry. He claimed that his adversary should be on TV but only at nights and accused him of being 30 years old. Syco went into spit and tried to imply that Bartone got some word of advice from Arcane. He then said implied that his challenger should spend Ramadan with HFK and accused him of looking like a soccer mom. He then accused his adversary of getting shoved into lockers and accused him of not being able to land a hook. This round of the cypher in my opinion.

Bartone went into the second round of the rhyme battle and said Syco contemplates suicide. He then said his opponent use to pay respect to him in the beggining and said someone use to call his adversary a fag in St Catherines school and claimed that his opponent was a pussy that can't survive a fight. He then claimed to actually raps and called his opposition a Korean yard gnome. He claimed that his opposition was scared to freestyle. Syco then went into the match and claimed that he was in a university but accused Bartone of not graduating from High school. He then tried to compare his skin to lemonade and messed up on his bars. He came back in and got lyrical. He even mentioned Organik's name and the battle his opponent's battle against Tantrum He claimed that his opponent should get his ass beat by A Class and accused him of losing. He also accused his opponent of losing to Pat Stay and compared this exhibition to Crystal lake since his opponent's name was Jason. Bartone won this round of the cypher.

Bartone then went into say that Syco's whole time battling he had ripped out pages from books. He then said that his opposition was confused and not knowing if what he's saying is good and accused him of being the little Asian that could. He then seemed to be imitating Illmaculate and brought up his opponent's exhibition against Tricky P and Charron. He claimed that his adversary needed a tutor for Hip Hop and claimed to have seen him be original. He claimed to have spit against Knamelis, kid twist, Pat Stay, Po Rich and accused his best match of being against Loe Pesci. Syco then went into spit and accused Bartone of having a threesome with Bishop Brigante. He then claimed that Tantrum told him to keep cool and claimed that all he had to do was bring up one fact kill his opponent. He even brought stage props and claimed that every thing he fought the same way Charron moves his hands when he raps. His lyrical skills were thorough. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

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