Sunday, December 5, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Aftershock vs Cobra Ky

Cobra Ky claimed that he came to King Of The Dot to tell the Toronto who the fuck he was and claimed that he was Aftershock's twin. He then claimed to be at the center of the ring where the tough guys meet and said that he would snuff his niece. He had shots fired at Dizaster and claimed that his adversary would probably suck a mans penis to save his families life. Aftershock then went in and seemed to be rebutting Cobra Ky's last metaphor and claimed that he would slap his face around until the color of his face matched his shoes. He then started forgetting his lines and tried to imply that his challenger needed to forfeit. He seemed to have brought up D-Lor and seemed to be implying that people imagine his adversary in a blouse. Cobra Ky won this round of the exhibition.

Cobra Ky then went into this round of the hip hop clash and called Aftershock a pedophile that doesn't rap about women. He then said that his opponent had underage kids from Chile. He also called his opponent's mother a wet back and accused him of eating her out. His lyrical skills were nice. Aftershock then went in against Cobra Ky and took a little long to get his bars out. He then claimed that he would slice his adversary with ease. He then went into say that he would slap his opponent around until both of his hands were black and had a pause before saying that he would eat him like a Thanksgiving meal. Cobra Ky won this round of the cypher as well.

Cobra Ky then went into spit and mentioned his own braids being gone. He then started with a quotable punchline and claimed that Aftershock stay talking. He then claimed to have his gauge popping and implied catching his opposition while he was Jay walking. He also said he would put his opposition to sleep and compared him to Illusion Z. He claimed that he couldn't tell his adversary's nationality or type of species. He ended his bars subliminally using Dose and Math Hoffa's name. Aftershock then went into spit and claimed that his opponent wanted to be a Globe Trotter. He also claimed to be mad that he didn't bring his kids and claimed that his opponent came a long way to get smashed. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the Aftershock went into this round claiming that he knew Cobra Ky was a bitch before he even met him. He claimed to be a sadistic alcoholic and implied picking up his adversary's kids after school in a whip. He then told an insane crazy story and referred to his fists as being cinder blocks. Cobra Ky then went into spit and claimed that he heard that Hip Hop lives in the North. He claimed that Perspectives be forgetting his lines as well and called him a bitch. He ended his verse implying that he wanted to smoke Aftershock like a Cuban cigar. Cobra Ky won this round of the competition.

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