Friday, December 10, 2010

DFI 4 - Brosy Vs Gwame

Brosy started the lyrical battle first and claimed Gwame was shit on the block if he was trying to take his spot at the top. He then compared his adversary to a Chinese person's penis. He also accused his opponent of having a weak physique and claimed that he had been compared with the best. He then asked his adversary who he was and claimed that he knew him as a cunt on the front of the bus. He then claimed to be ahead of his time and have a PlayStation 5. He also accused his opponent of getting date raped. Gwame then anxiously went into spit and claimed Brosy would be hypocritical to call him a net nerd. He also seemed to be implying that Brosy uses the N word and called him a head wrecker. He then made fun of the first time he saw his opposition rhyme claiming that it was like he drinks a shit load of cofee then raps. He then said that he didn't care if his opponent was funny. Gwame won this round of the competition and seemed to have a good amount of rebuttals to keep him self on the fore front of this round.

Brosy then went into rhyme and seemed to be implying that Gwame had a lot of great points. He also called his opponent a passionate rapist and claimed that the best his his opponent does is just nearly win. He seemed to have started forgetting his rhymes. Gwame then went into rhyme and seemed to be bringing up his oppositions battle against Nugget. He then claimed every thing his opponent said to him was irrelevant and called him a dumb pike. He also claimed claimed to have came unprepared and ignores limits. The man also brought up Don't Flop and claimed that his opponent lived in an unfurnished caravan. Gwame won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the third round of the hip hop battle Brosy went into spit and accused Gwame of being one seventh of a posse of dwarfs. He then called his opposition low enough to blow him and had to freestyle at the end because i guess he forgot his lines. He then started to say things that didn't make sense. Gwame then went into rhyme and accused Brosy of copying Nugget's career plan. He also called hid opponent an actor with bad jokes. Gwame won this round of the freestyle battle in my opinion.

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