Sunday, December 26, 2010


NEWBREED went in first claiming to have requested a big battle and claimed that A.B HOGISH's arms ain't long enough. He also called his adversary a Jon Doe and seen him walking. He also tried to imply he would give his adversary the Tiger Ty swipe. He compared his rival to a retarded version of Ludacris. A.B HOGISH then went in and claimed he would beat the shit out of NEWBREED and let Tall T eat his meat when he was through with him. He had a quotable punchline as well. A.B HOGISH won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of NEWBREED's verse he claimed to have heard about A.B HOGISH being a class clown in high school. He also accused his father of working in the circus. He told his opposition that he doesn't grind the block and claimed that he would catch him while he was doing his exams and hit up his stomach. He claimed that his rival backed out a battle for five hundred dollars as well. He subliminally brought up Aye Verb, Big T, Calico, and Young Miles. A.B HOGISH went in and made fun of NEWBREED's chin hairs. He claimed that his challengers squad should be nick named bootleg because of how fake they are. He also claimed to be the rookie of the year and claimed to be a Street Fighter. He claimed that his opponent wanted to battle street nigga's because Smack didn't respect him. This was a tie in my opinion.


  1. boleh x jgn spam kat shoutmix aku..
    bangang la ko nie..
    tukar2 nama...


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