Wednesday, December 8, 2010

King Ryma vs Lexo Mc Battle

Lexo started the lyrical battle cursing and claimed that King Ryma was ugly and wanted to place money on the battle that night which had got to him. He then asked his adversary how he was gonna battle when he had kids to feed and claimed that he needed to stop eating. He switched up to a fast lyrical delivery at the end of his verse and claimed that house was not a home. King Ryma then went into rhyme and mentioned his battle with Trigga. He started strong but seemed to be messing up later on his verse and cleaned up and finished off with a good performance. This round of the exhibition goes to Lexo in my opinion.

In the second round of the match Lexo went into spit and compared King Ryma to Fat Albert. He then claimed that when he was finished with his opposition two caskets one for him and one for his man tits would be needed and claimed to be the ace of spades. He claimed that his rival chokes in every battle and compared him to Tera Patrick. he had a long pause then he jumped back in and claimed to have a lot of wisdom. King Ryma then went and tried to say that Dirtbag Dan had a little brother it would look like Lexo. He then said that his challengers mouth gets watery when they watch one hundred and one dalmatians. He seemed to be freestyle rapping a good part of it and his rhymes seemed to be relevant. King Ryma won this round of the exhibition.

In the third round of the competition Lexo went into spit and claimed that he could have said some stuff in this competition that he could say about King Ryma didn't such as racist jokes and so on. He claimed to be a mad man on a mission and was going extremely crazy. King Ryma then went into rhyme and claimed that he wanted to whack Lexo. He then asked why after every bar his challenger spit he touched his hat brim and made remarks about his oppositions sexuality. He called him self a python and claimed that he would dedicate on his adversary's front porch and tell his father to clean it. King Ryma won this round without a doubt.

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