Monday, September 6, 2010

King Ryma vs Trigga Mc Battle

Trigga started rhyming and called King Ryma a monkey. He claimed to be on his pretty boy swag and said not to let the looks deceive. He claimed that his right hand puts the hurt on people and said not to take his word for it and claimed his face would beat up his hand. King Ryma then went in to spit and claimed to have choked at the last event but said that Trigga could bet his last dollar that it won't happen again. He said that he wanted to confront online gangsters for talking radical and called his challenger a walking example while pointing in his face. He claimed to have wanted to MC battle Blaze and seemed to be implying that he is settling for less by battling his adversary. He claimed that his adversary beat Rexy rex in a match and said that he can't compare him to Osna, but he could compare him to Blaze and Speedy than he cursed at his opposition. He accused his challenger eating dogs. King Ryma's rhymes hit harder and he won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

Trigga then went in for the second verse and called King Ryma a Samoan Carl Winslow. He called his adversary a lame with no game and I'm mad that he bit off of Big L that's not cool brother. He accused his opposition of robbing the tooth ferry for rhymes and compared his rival to and ant from Texas. He started saying anything towards the end of his rap bars and eventually stopped. King Ryma then went int spit. King Ryma started this round off telling a lyrical story about how the battle came to be. He focused a good amount of the beginning of his verse and he had a long pause because it seemed that he forgot his written raps. In my opinion Trigga won this round of the rapping battle.

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