Monday, September 6, 2010

Pheckzilla vs Juslaw Mc Battle

Pheckzilla started the Mc Battle first playing Juslaw like he was gonna shake his hand then bringing his hand back and called him too short. He said that when he comes through he blasts it and claimed that he was rolling with a real crew. He called his flow top of the dome spitting and a he end of his verse he said that he thought it was his oppositions time to go. Juslaw then went in to rhyme and said now everybody is thinking that he was gonna be real mean to Pheckzilla. He compared his oppositions flow to cartoon character and claimed to have a Safari funk. He said that every time his opponents mother gives him head she calls I knowledge and claimed to have slapped his adversary's mother and made her cum off his penis head. He called his opposition tight once a year and said that he himself was not laughing and talked about punching his opposition in the face. He claimed to stay on Pearl harbor and claimed to sponsor it. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie in my opinion.

Pheckzilla started this round of the rap cypher talking about how tight his flow is and said that Juslaw is a fagot. He seemed to be trying to imply that his opponents girl was a trans-gendered woman and claimed to flow from off the top with repetitious rhymes. He gave Osna a shot out and claimed to take extense and have a larger penis. Juslaw started his freestyle verse using big words and said hat you could call Pheckzilla's flow a little witty. He said fine and seemed to be OK with having a small dick and had a few racist Asian jokes. He claimed to be on the block and said that he gets a salary from taking journeys. He claimed to be making fun of his block and said he is hitting with a low blow. This was a good freestyle battle in my opinion and was a tie, them Hawaiians can spit in a humorous funny way .

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