Monday, September 6, 2010

Lexo Vs Rexy Wrecks Mc Battle

Lexo started the rap clash asking what Rexy Wrecks was and tried to say that his rival is probably a misfit Asian. He accused his opposition of getting merked in his last battle by Triggah and told him hat he's not serving anybody. He accused his rival of messing with drag queens and made a ton of comparisons. He called his adversary's shit lousy and turned up his spitting towards the end. Rexy Wrecks then went into rhyme against Lexo and claimed to have heard nothing tha his adversary bu everything else he was saying showed me that he came to this MC battle unprepared. He told his challenger to change occupation. He had way too many stutters. Lexo won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Lexo brought up what Rexy Wrecks said in his last match and told his adversary he should have done a little research. He claimed to be thinking about pushing his opposition off an edge and welcomed everyone to his office. He claimed to be a regular in the hood and said that he doesn't have to pretend. He claimed that his rival isn't a legit rapper and had a long ass verse. Rexy Wrecks said that he doesn't care what Lexo said and would hit him with punchlines until his head starts growing. He claimed to be an old school rapper. He was truly unprepared and didn't seem to be much of a freestyle rapper.

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