Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden State Bullies presents: Sindro vs Mack Moli

Mack Moli anxiously started the lyrical battle and claimed Sindro battled his high school sweet heart. He then claimed that he would shoot his opponent which would leave his opponent mad Youtube views and claimed he was a fat fuck. He then ended his verse with a blatant Spanish joke on his adversary. Sindro went into spit and tried to call Mack Moli a small Samoan. He then said that he missed his adversary's match with Spawn and was outside smoking. He then called his opponents nose ugly and compared him to the Chicgao Bulls. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the underground rap battle Mack Moli went into spit and claimed that Sindro had only rapping since 04. he then tried to imply that the guy was killing his own career. He then seemed to forgot his rhymes and gave up his verse. Sindro then went into rap and claimed that these days rappers claim they are hot. He claimed that Mack Moli's career sprung out the cuts and accused him of going to male face book pages and hitting the like button when they don't write anything. He claimed that his rival missed his mark and ended his verse cursing at internet trolls. Sindro won this round of the exhibition.

Mack Moli went into spit and claimed that Sindro thinks he's Puff Daddy. He then claimed that he would treat his opponent like the San Jose sharks. He then started forgetting his rhymes again. Sindro said that he would treat the match like a Grind Time spa'z video. He then accused Mack Moli of slanging sandals made of animals. He then proceeded to make fun of his adversary's nose and compared him to a Jersey Shore character. He called his adversary the gayest rapper on the Golden State roster. Sindro won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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