Monday, December 6, 2010

"KAMPUS SMAKK" Triggman Vs Lito

Lito started the first round of the hip hop clash and called Triggman a little man with a face like Marlin. He then claimed that he would rob his opposition if he seen him on the streets and claimed that his adversary had a drag queen swag. He accused his opposition of being a hypocrite for talking junk about the bloggers when he did the same thing and claimed to be mainstream. Triggman then went into spit and claimed that Lito's girl was like Facebook. He then subliminally brought up Murda Mook, T rex, Hit man Holla, Hollo da don, Conceited, Arsenal, Calico, Tech 9, tsunami surf, Head Ice, Big T, Aye Verb and Young Ill. He then compared him self to basketball players. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical cypher Lito then went into spit and claimed that he would show Triggman why people couldn't mess with him. He then said when people that at first when he was told that he would battle Kenny he claimed that the guy was garbage and he was like no way. He then seemed to be accusing his adversary of biting rhymes off of DNA, Aye Verb, Tsu Surf, and K Shine. Triggaman then went into rhyme claiming that him and Fats whooped on a white boy. He also claimed that he was sleeping with Lito's girl. He even quoted The Rock and compared his challenger's to girl friend to an I pod phone. He even brought up Maxwell and compared his adversary to Red Fox as well. This round of the match was won by Lito but they should have spit even rounds instead of one rhyming longer than the other.

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