Monday, December 6, 2010


BURN'EM anxiously started the rap cypher claiming to be at FAT's neck and compared himself like a double chin. He compared his adversary's girlfriend to a Democrat and claimed that he himself was a lyrical maniac. He then went onto say that he dominates battles and claimed that he would put the heat to his oppositions mug and let it condensate. He then compared himself to Kobe Brian and told his adversary that he didn't know him and warned him to keep a vest. FAT then went into rap and cursed at BURN'EM. He tried to compare himself to Jay z and instead of comparing his opponent to Eminem he compared him to Vanilla Ice. He then called himself nice and the best. He also brought up Biggie Smalls and called his challenger's rhymes shit. He said a punchline that i heard from two or three three other rappers already such as Miles low when he battled i'm gonna make a page for all the punchlines that are taken and reused or spontaneously thought of because this is becoming too common. This round of the match was a tie and i'm not sure who bit who or if it just happen to be that three people thought of the same punchline around the same time but perhaps someone can clear it up.

In the second round of the underground hip hop battle BURN'EM went into spit and claimed it was a fat chance that his opponent would beat him. He then compared his rhymes to glands and claimed that he would smack his oppositions girl friend. He then started telling sex stories and claimed that in the battle his opposition would never be on top. fat then went into rhyme claiming that he didn't usually eat crackers and tried to call BURN'EM gay. He then tried to imply that his opponent std's. He ended his bars implying that challenger lived in a trailer park. BURN'EM won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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