Friday, December 3, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Joker Starr Vs Krazy

Joker Starr started the hip hop battle against Krazy claiming to taken a loss the last time he had a match and was talking about his battle with Nishi. He then claimed that he smacked his last opponent a smack and the guy didn't do anything about it. He seemed to be freestyle rapping. He told his adversary that he wasn't crazy. Krazy then went into rhyme and claimed that he felt he was battling a ghost. He claimed that Nishi killed his adversary in battle and proved he wasn't a real dude. He then said he would slap his opponent's hat off and claimed he was HIV positive. Joker Starr obviously won this round of the lyrical clash.

In the second round of the hip hop battle Joker Starr went into rhyme and claimed that you were gonna hear gay jokes repeatedly by Krazy. He then claimed that he himself didn't use a bunch of fillers and claimed that there were a lot of bitches in the Don't Flop League. He ended his verse implying that Radzer and Salar were big bitches. Krazy then went into rhyme against Joker Starr and implied about coming up with his bars maybe a day before. He then called his challenger a vegetable that enjoyed sucking testicles and claimed him of not getting Youtube views. Joker Starr won this round of the competition.

In the third round Joker Starr went into rhyme against Krazy claiming that betting against him was not a good idea and claimed that going against him was like betting against the odds. He claimed that this rap league gave an invitation to wannabe thugs and racists. Krazy went into spit and compared Joker Starr to finding out your mother just had a stroke and admit to being full of him self. He then called his opponent an actor and said he was bad at it. He was obviously freestyle rapping and claimed to have heard his tracks. This round of the matchwas a tie.

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