Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: J.O Spade vs Mr Sell

J.O Spade started the exhibition first and warned Mr Sell about things getting hectic. He then accused his opponent of chosing to rap acause he couldn't be an Ambercrombie and Fitch model. He accused his opposition of having border line gimmicks and threatened to leave his family sleeping in bags. Mr Sell then went into rhyme and claimed that if J.O Spade got a girl pregnant he would stick his hand in her vagina and pull her fetus out. He then claimed to be getting money every show and claimed to be a big joker. He then said he was better than a spade and claimed that his adversary had no heart. Mr Sell won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

J.O Spade then went into spit during the second round of the rhyme battle and claimed that Mr Sell was weak. He then called his opposition gay and accused him of looking at a dudes chest. He then cursed at his adversary's Grind Time Syracuse division and ended his verse comparing him to a cheap date. Mr Sell then went into rap accusing J.O Spade of having a wallet full of dust and compared him to a card game term. He then implied that his challenger eats cum. Mr Sell won this round of the hip hop battle.

In the third J.O Spade went into spit calling clowning Mr Sell about his match against Ivan Da great. He also had a few racial slurs and accused his opponent of air humping. Mr Sell then went into rhyme accused J.O Spade mother of being friends with his penis and playing with his balls. He then accused his opposition taking a load and compared his own flow to body bags. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the exhibition Mr Sell accused J.O Spade of meeting his last two girl friends at the Juice bar and called his opponent Zamboni. He tried to say his opponent was a blood and claimed that his opponent doesn't make money. J.O Spade said that the DMV was full of gangsters and claimed Mr Sell was out of place and tried to imply that in Utica they snow board and things of that nature. He then seemed to have ran out of things to say. Mr Sell won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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