Friday, December 3, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Oshea Vs Flex Digits

Flex Digits anxiously started the rap battle and claimed that he use to watch Oshea's battles before the written league existed. He then claimed to have ended his opponents first ever winning streak in the past and accused him of teaching Sprungy to rhyme but also accused him of being little Steves mini me. He claimed that his name isn't mentioned in the same sentence as his opponent. He ended his bars claiming that his opponent was gonna stop drinking and he just had to call Innuendo a prick. Oshea then went into rap and claimed that Flex Digits needed to forfeit and mentioned Deffinition catching a hay maker. He then claimed to be skinning his opposition lyrically and accused him of looking like he got raped by apes. He wished that Salar would finger his Nan. Oshea won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

On the second round of this lyrical battle Flex Digits went into spit and claimed that Oshea works in a Super Market. He then accused his opponent of having an embarrassing wage and not getting payed to battle. He claimed that his opponent wasn't spitting game to chicks and needed to get his teeth realigned. He accused his adversary of getting robbed out by Lego and Cruger trying ro imply that it was karma. Oshea went into spit and claimed to have thought Flex Digits lost half his brain in a lobotomy class. He then said Hip Hop is a multicultural movement and tried to accuse his opponent of being racist. He then said Chesterfield was boring and claimed to have taken taken a shit on a shark.Oshea won this round of the exhibition.

Flex Digits went into the third round of the exhibition and claimed that he was down to settle there differences with Oshea by fighting instead of rapping. He then proceeded on to make fun of his adversary's teeth and claimed that in Liver Pool you couldn't walk alone or get you'd get gang raped. He had a quotable punchline as well. He claimed that if you lined his opponent up with Innuendo, Sprungy, and Riley they looked like stages of evolution. Oshea started his verse cursing at internet geeks and claimed that half the emcees be scared and carefully pick who the rap against in Don't Flop battles. He then seemed that Flex Digits always comes with a serious face and claimed to be content with making pointless tracks. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

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