Friday, December 24, 2010

No Coast Battles: 2 on 2 Tournament Round 2 (part 2)

Unorthodox Phrases started the freestyle battle first and claimed to be awesome and fresher then his opponent and complimented MST on his bird chest. Sonny Bamboo then went into rhyme and made fun of his adversary without hesitation. Unorthodox Phrases accused Ice-9's eyes of being extremely close then Sonny Bamboo called his outfit pussy repellent. MST then went into freestyle and seemed to be trying to imitate DMX with his delivery. He then went in and seemed to be saying just anything. Ice-9 then went in and claimed to have sex with his adversary's mother and left her in pain. that it would only take him five seconds to take his oppositions gravy. Unorthodox Phrases and Sonny Bamboo then went into rhyme and claimed. Sonny Bamboo and Unorthodox Phrases won this round of the exhibition.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Unorthodox Phrases went into spit and claimed that Ice-9's mother had sex with the Russian Mob. He then said described the way his adversary combed his hair and Sonny Bamboo called MST Mrs.T. Unorthodox Phrases then compared his opponent's to bad strangers then Sonny Bamboo mocked him. MST then went into rhyme making an extremely racist comment about Unorthodox Phrases and then seemed to have tried to cover it up. Ice-9 then claimed that him and his partner weren't actually racist. Sonny Bamboo and Unorthodox Phrases definitely won this round of the exhibition.

Al Hendi/Hindu Rock vs Klutch/Mr. Biscuit

Mr. Biscuit started the MC battle comparing Hindu Rock's body to his eye brows. Klutch then went in making Arab jokes and asked one of his adversary's what his shirt said. He implied that his opposition was weak looking and Mr. Biscuit accused him of having a fagot style belt. Hindu Rock then went into rhyme and claimed Mr. Biscuit was a whack MC times eight. Al Hendi then went in to remind the people that he wasn't Asian. He was messing up badly. Hindu Rock then told Klutch to shut and accused his mother of having saggy breast's and ended this round claiming to have packed anthrax in Al Hendi's book bag. Mr. Biscuit and Klutch won this round of this match.

In the second round of this cypher Mr. Biscuit then went into spit and accused him of having a small shirt and janitors beads. Klutch then went in and tried to imply that his opponent's probably lived in wholes and Mr. Biscuit said that Al Hendi was Greek but he would slap him all the way to Afghanistan. Hindu Rock then went in accusing his rival's of having whack verses and told them to get going. He also accused Mr. Biscuit of blowing on bag pipes and claimed that he himself had sex with 70 virgins. He accused Mr. Biscuit of bringing up his match with Special T. Mr. Biscuit and Klutch won this round of this exhibition in my opinion but Klutch and Al Hendi were hell'a good.

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