Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Coast Battles: 2 on 2 Tournament Round 2 (part 1)

XQZ started the MC battle first and claimed that Missouri was where the Tigers were at. NFact then seemed to be implying Speedy Calhoun won zero battles and lost three and also accused his adversary of having a bone disease. They had a straight verse. Speedy Calhoun then went into spit and Sho' Biz accused Nfact of looking uncomfortable. XQZ won This round in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle NFact went into spit and seemed to be implying that freestyle didn't get his opponent any where in the league. XQZ then told Speedy Calhoun to give him ten bucks and then let NFact rhyme some more. Sho' Biz then went into rhyme and compared XQZ to the Las Vegas Strip. He also claimed NFact had a nameless sweater. Speedy Calhoun then went into spit and claimed that he wanted to know what XQZ was smoking when he thought of his rhymes. He ended his bars making fun of XQZ's shoes some more. NFact and XQZ won this round of the exhibition.

Paperwerks/Double/Deuce vs Mr. Xtra/Megadef

Mr. Xtra started the first round of this Hip Hop battle and brought up his battle with Double/Deuce. Megadef then went in and compared his opponent to an early nineties track and claimed that he seen him shopping at Mister Thrifty. Paperwerks then went into spit and claimed Mr. Xtra had problems when he speaks. Double/Deuce went into spit and claimed to have a sick flow. He compared his flow to Titanium. This round was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Mr. Xtra went into rhyme and called Paperwerks Samuel Jackson then Double/Deuce. Mr. Xtra then told Double/Deuce that he wasn't a gangster and Mr. Xtra made fun of Paperwerks style. Double/Deuce then went into rhyme and implied that he killed Mr. Xtra with written's but after this match he wouldn't survive. Paperwerks then went into spit and claimed his challenger had an ugly bitch. Him and his partner finished his verse going back and fourth and were pretty tight. Paperwerks and Double/Deuce won this work of the competition.

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