Thursday, December 9, 2010

Barz & Stripes Tryout Battle: Sonic Soundwavious vs Punchline

Punchline then anxiously went into rap claiming that it was November 28th 2010 and claimed that the day would go down in infamy. He then said Sonic Soundwavious looked like a liar and later on subliminally bought up Jay-z and Roc-a-fella. He finished up his verse talking about how he would shoot his opposition. Sonic Soundwavious then went into spit and claimed to be thankful for Punchline taking a Loss. He tried to say that his opposition must have had the worst luck in the world and claimed that he could see right through him. He told his challenger that he needed to keep the gangster rhymes to himself and compared his heart to a Kiebler's elf. Sonic Soundwavious won this round of what seemed to be his Debut.

Punchline then went into spit and claimed that judging on Sonic Soundwavious's lyrics in the first round that there rhymes weren't the same in height. He then tried to imply that women pay to have sex with him and implied that his opposition was a lover boy. He had a hard core delivery. Sonic Soundwavious then told Punchline that he needed to go home and get his gun. He was extremely hilarious and seemed a little bit more versatile during spitting. Sonic Soundwavious won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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