Saturday, November 20, 2010


BLAZE started the rap battle first and claimed that he never heard of MADNE$$ but he bet he had heard of him. He then claimed that this match was a murder scene and claimed he would leave his chicks pussy like his hair. MADNE$$ went into the rap cypher and claimed that he puts the G into gangster. He then told BLAZE to save himself for his own benefits and claimed his kids would put 22's on his opponent's back. He then claimed New Jersey Drive his opponent and claimed that you could put his cash in shopping bag. He claimed that one of his gun shots would leave at least four dead. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

BLAZE then went into the second round of the rap battle and claimed that he doesn't even battle rap but was trying something new. He then claimed to be frying something new and called MADNE$$ colder than Frozen meat. He then started talking about how he was his opposition's girl right before he got cut off by his opposition. MADNE$$ then went into spit and claimed to have been locked up for 6 years. He said that when he was locked up he had thought about all the mistakes he made and people he trusted. He claimed to be to cheap to bring a date and claimed that he himself needs to gain some weight. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

BLAZE went into this rhyme battle against MADNE$$ and claimed BLAZE was ass. He accused him of looking like a drugged up Ransom and gave a shout out to Ivan Da great. He told his adversary it was no hard feelings after the match was over and said he would probably see him later at a Syracuse game. MADNE$$ started this rap clash and said a quotable punchline. He claimed he was official with a pistol and told BLAZE that his career needed to get raked up. This round of the accapella battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the cypher BLAZE went into spit and claimed MADNE$$ couldn't weigh his skills on a triple beam. He then said his adversary better not step to him and accused his opposition of being pussy whipped. MADNE$$ then went into rhyme and claimed BLAZE wasn't tight but I wasn't feeling that first punchline. He called his opposition mad Nestle then started to mess up. MADNE$$ won this round of the match up in my opinion.

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