Wednesday, November 3, 2010

StreetWars 7 Promo: Jumanji vs Insolent

Insolent started the rap cypher taking shots at Hindu Rock and accused him of getting smoked by Legacy. He then started to make fun of Jumanji's name and said talked about his record sales. He claimed that this was a blood sport and claimed that he would leave his opposition breathing through a straw. Jumanji then went into rhyme against Insolent and accused him of taking prison visits and dropping the soap. He claimed that his adversary's name is a joke and tried to imply that it was hard to find his punchlines. Jumanji won this round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Insolent then went into spit against Jumanji and claimed to be a premiere MC. He then seemed to be claiming that he was a gangster with a full clip and called his own style classic. He claimed to roll with a platoon and claimed that he would go Charlie Manson on his opposition. He accused his opponent of being a muscular trans gendered person due to taking too much steroids. Jumanji then went into rhyme against Insolent and called Insolent an ass hole. He said that he could make his opposition leap frog and implied that he was a tad pole. He tried to imply that his opponent was giving birth through his ass hole. He accused his challenger of being into incest. This round of the competition was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap clash Insolent went into rap and claimed he would basically smack Jumanji off of his self proclaimed platform. He also said his adversary probably woke up once a month a blood stain on his mattress. he then started messing up towards the end of his verse and blamed it all on the liquor. Jumanji went into rhyme and implied Insolent was a bitch that enjoyed stuttering. He then started taunting his adversary and called him self a lyrical apocalypse. Jumanji won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

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