Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Texas Battle League: Mr. Fitness vs Throwed Ese

Throwed Ese went into rhyme and claimed that he came to eat Mr. Fitness's ass up and claimed that he had been waiting to beat him up. He claimed that his opponent was a gimmick and said that it was evident. He claimed that he wasn't Richard Simmons and claimed that he was gonna put his opposition in a box. Mr. Fitness started the rap cypher making fun of Throwed Ese residence and looked for him. He claimed that everyone at the battle knew what he had been through. He bragged about his flow and claimed to be a big dog on the other side of the fence. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round Throwed Ese went in to predict one of two things and implied that he would either mess up like his past opponents or lose. He tried to imply that Mr. Fitness was a fake rapper. He also said his adversary was adversary was a worthless snitch and claimed that he deserved to catch a smack in the face by a dick. He told his rival to do him and the crowd a favor and have Gutter write his rhymes next time. Mr. Fitness then went into rhyme and said he came to give Throwed Ese a bashing and show him fashion. He said that the last battle was cat fights and bunny suits. He claimed that at his shows females wave like a pageant is passing and had a few sports jokes to say about his adversary as well. Mr. Fitness then went into rap and i would say that he got it based on consistency.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Throwed Ese went into rhyme against Mr. Fitness and stated the fact that it was round three. He also said that he accuses of being to hungry but he didn't think he was hungry enough. He then screamed up to Pimp C for guidance as it seemed. He seemed to have had a slip up towards the end. Mr. Fitness then went into spit and spit and asked his opposition why he had messed up like that because he seemed to have wanted to earn his victory. He claimed to be the black Ozzy Osbourne and claimed to be bread to take his challengers bread. This round was funny it reminded me of a comedy. He claimed that his rival's girl had said that he couldn't fight. Mr. Fitness won this round of the match in my opinion.

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