Wednesday, November 10, 2010

POP vs S.C.

POP then went into rap and claimed that S.C. wasn't fucking with him. He then claimed his adversary was ducking him and said that he had him looking bad. He even had a talk with his mother in the middle of his verse and implied taking his opponents watch. He tried to imply that his opposition looked like Jimmy Neutron and brought up his battles with Gauge, BG, Nuborn, and Scar Spits. He called his adversary's face disgusting and accused him off using Clint Gee's shirt as a night gown. He seemed to be calling out Shotgun Suge, he then imitated TSU SURF. He also brought up J Dice, URL, NEW JERSEY, QUEENS. S.C. then went into spit claiming to bubble monthly while POP and his people were prepaid. He claimed to be the king and claimed to be putting cats out they misery. POP won this round by a little bit more if charisma.

In the second round of the rhyme battle POP went into spit and said S.C. wasn't putting fear into anybody. He implied hanging his opponent upside down and hanging him. He compared his adversary with to doing the Chicken Noodle Soup and had references to his crowd and promotion. He then brought up Gauge battling B.G., Young Miles and Rich Dollaz, J Dice against Ty Knots, and Head Ice battling Ty Knots. He subliminally brought up Cocky and Conceited. S.C then went into rhyme against POP and claimed that he had the hottest songs in the hood. He also claimed to have the corners on point and people were messing him up while he was rhyming. He claimed to be an old vet and said he was gonna put him in his place. He compared him self to Rick Ross at the end. POP won because his verse had more to it.

In the third round of the rap clash POP and compared S.C. to a chimp. He claimed that they were bullying his opponent back in school. He had a few riddles in his rhymes and accused him of having diseases on his lips. He brought up the electric slide and Raise the roof. S.C. then went into rhyme against POP and claimed that his up bringing was messed up. He said that if he couldn't get his rival bodied his home boys could and accused him of spitting fiction. His verse got cut real short towards the end. POP won this round in my opinion.

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