Wednesday, November 10, 2010


BLESS started the rhyme clash telling JAI that he wasn't a goon and told him that his flow was nothing new. He told his adversary that he never hustled cocaine and pushing females. He told his rival that he wouldn't shine and record labels didn't want him. He tried o imply that Brian Pumper would get a deal before his adversary. JAI then went into rhyme and made fun of the way BLESS pronounced his words. He accused his challenger of looking like he had down syndrome and claimed that he didn't have to do much to turn his woman on. He started forgetting his rhymes. BLESS won this round of the rhyme battle obviously.

In the second round of the rap cypher BLESS went into rhyme and was warning JAI about what would happen if he was to keep on acting Gully. He then told a story about what he seen on the news when he turned on the television and claimed to be more lyrical. He claimed that his opponent was rhyming like Goodz in his last match and accused him of being amped up from Youtube views. JAI then went into rhyme and said accused BLESS of being a flamboyant homo. He started talking about his adversary's woman and subliminally brought up BLOCKCITYTV. He also brought up Hahzy Ru, Shotgun Suge and Arsonal and tried to imply that they were the best in New Jersey. BLESS won this round of the exhibition based on consistency.

In the the third round of the rhyme battle BLESS went into rhyme and tried to imply that if he tested JAI on a polygraph about how real he was, it would fail. He called his opponent a loser and a lame. He then said he was grape street or a blood and described his life to be a joke. JAI then went into spit his verse against BLESS with no hesitation and claimed that his trigger finger itches like a side order. He claimed that he called his gun a Sacramento king. He seemed to have forgotten his verse. BLESS won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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