Thursday, November 4, 2010


LIL JEFF started rhyming first claiming to have embarrassed Ju Ju in his last match up and called him a fake Crip that he felt bad for after. He dissed his opponent by calling him Hannah MONTANA and then proceeded to claim that he would catch slipping. He even brought up Mont Easy implying that he was a snitch and said he would attack his adversary's kid. He had them grown man bars for real, them shits hit hard you could feel them. He also brought up THE REAPERS Prototype aka Michael, Lamar Swint aka Gauge, Antonio Streater aka Toney B. MONTANA went into rhyme and said he would let his steel open LIL JEFF's body up. His delivery and rap style kind of reminded me of Cassidy. He claimed that his bars were flammable to be the truth. He claimed that his opposition couldn't wait to come to the battle to lose and accused him of dry snitching. He said that his adversary can't make a song for shit. I seen cats in his background lip sinking his rhymes like maybe they were recycled. MONTANA won this round of the rhyme battle to MONTANA.

In the second round of the lyrical clash LIL JEFF went in and cleared up the rumor's that MONTANA made about him being a snitch. He claimed to have did a robbery in 08 and had the statements with him. He accused his adversary of getting robbed on D side aka Division street. He said that wasn't no body in his adversary's click as nice as him and compared it to Poppy vs SC. He started to laugh and seemed to have had a quick slip up. MONTANA then went into spit and claimed to be the best since KIM Keep It Moving records. He claimed that his adversary would lose his life whether he used a gun or a knife. He claimed that he would run up on his rival and claimed to have never been the soft type. He said his opposition was lame, whack, and ugly as fuck. He said fuck Papoose and claimed his verse was thugacation. MONTANA won this round of the lyrical cypher.

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