Thursday, November 4, 2010

Evil Poets Society Presents Tactmatic Vs Salim Gurin (Malaysia Vs Nigeria)

Salim Gurin started the freestyle battle reminding people his name claiming to be there to do his thing and said that he was rhyming against Tactmatic who wasn't good while he himself was fantastic. He threatened his adversary that his condition would be drastic if you messed with him. He claimed to be a Nigerian MC and claimed to have had sex with his mother and sister. Tactmatic started the match cursing at Salim Gurin and made fun of his flow. He claimed that his opposition made him wait for the battle and signaled for someone to buy him a G.P.S.. He claimed that the match was suppose to be written but he spitting off the top. Tactmatic won this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion

In the second round of the lyrical battle Salim Gurin went into rhyme against Tactmatic and claimed to have smoked a lot of weed and had been hungry. He claimed to have been to rehab and claimed to b Tactmatice from the hood. He claimed that he was spitting a freestyle. Tactmatic went into spit and seemed to be trying to imply that his flow was stupid. He called his opponent the black Chuck Norris and claimed that his opposition has no skills. The last thing he told his opponent was to go back home to his country.In my opinion Tactmatic won thids round of the competition.

In the third round of the Salim Gurin went into counter Tactmatic and tried to imply that he was a tourist. He also said he would make his girl cum after he had sex with his girl. He tried to say that his and told hid opposition that his ass didn't belong to him. His rhymes were extremely generic. Tactmatic then went into spit against Salim Gurin and claimed that he had came here to study. He tried to call himself a skinny Indian guy and claimed that he would send him back home to his native country. He called his adversary a wannabe Kanye West. Tactmatic won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

Broken Beats Definitive Drum LIbrary from Loopmasters

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