Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I.P Vs Jizzy

I.P started the freestyle battle comparing himself to sinking sand and told Jizzy that he would feel sorrow today and suggested that he get some drinking plans. He even mentioned Dirtbag Dan and he claimed that his own bars were superior. He started messing up in the middle of his verse. Jizzy then went into rhyme and claimed to go longer, stronger, faster and harder than I.P. He said that he would slap his adversary's blue waffle and claimed that his girl thinks about him when she masturbates. He claimed to be fire on the microphone and seemed to be implying that his girlfriend feeds him strawberries and cream. Jizzy won this round in my opinion based on consistency.

In the second round of the freestyle clash I.P anxiously went into rhyme and said that he knew it was Jizzy's debut. He tried to make fun of his opponent s coat but seemed to have messed up and Innuendo called time on him. Jizzy then went into spit and called I.P a skinny mother fucker. He claimed to be confident and cocky on the microphone. He then showed a stage prop. In my opinion Jizzy won this round of the freestyle clash.

In the third round of the freestyle cypher I.P went into spit off the top against Jizzy and compared himself to an ingrown toe. He then started messing up so Innuendo called time on him again. Jizzy then went into flow and told everyone to stop, look, and listen. He then called I.P an angry victim and said his own bars probably hit like a ton of bricks. He claimed that his challengers mother sucks on his left testicle. Jizzy won this round of the exhibition.


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