Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Passwurdz vs Philly Swain

Passwurdz started the hip hop battle first and said people told him not to take the match against Philly Swain. He tried to imply that who he was up against was a step down lower than who he should be rapping against. He accused his opponent of having a Tiger Tye swag and accused him of not freestyle spitting just using recycled verses from mix tapes that nobody has ever heard. He claimed that he should knock his opposition out while he was rhyming and imitated him. Philly Swain went into rhyme and calling Passwurdz a hundreds of names. He compared his gun aim to an Uncle Sam Poster and ave a shout out to Nocando. He finished his verse subliminally bringing up Laurence Fishburne's daughter. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the match Passwurdz went into rhyme and called Philly Swain Darren. He claimed that his adversary had a mixtape called Who Is Philly Swain and got on how fat and ugly he is. He claimed that he hate fake cats like his adversary and said he seen him fronting in a big house that had like thirty other nigga's living there. Philly Swain then went into counter Passwurdz last insult and seemed to be mocking him. He claimed to blows haze the same color of sea weed and claimed that killing his family wasn't nothing. This round of the lyrical battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the hip hop battle Passwurdz went into rhyme and said that Philly Swain quit battling before because he didn't like how personal things get. He claimed that his lawyer tried to say that he wasn't that smart because he spoke before his lawyer got there based on a documentary he seen him on. He also brought up the first 48 hours and brought up Conceited, T rex, and E ness. Philly Swain then went into spit and said Passwurdz is a battle dude. He said he would turn his adversary's town into a ok corral and said he had to skip trial to set his rival on fire. He claimed to spit flames subliminally brought up Baby boy. He brought up Ludacris and old tracks. Philly Swain won this round with a little more charisma.

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