Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Dirt vs AC (Amazin Crack)

Dirt started the rap clash talking about some kind of drag queen photo with AC (Amazin Crack) in it. He tried to call his opposition of being bi curious and tried to call him in the closet. He ended his verse claiming he'd beat his rival with his own new born. AC (Amazin Crack) then went into spit and tried subliminally used Just one, Poison Pen, Lush One when he started his verse. He called his rival sweet and accused Dirt of having cool aid running through his veins. In my opinion Dirt won this round of the cypher.

In the next round of the rhyme battle Dirt went into spit and thoroughly showed off his lyrical skills. He asked how AC (Amazin Crack) was a head liner and told him to get out of his division. He said that he would stomp on his adversary until his corpse was twitching and rip his insides out. AC (Amazin Crack) went in and claimed to play t ball with his girl friends mouth. He subliminally used DNA's name in his verse. He said that his adversary would probably bring up his battle with Soul Khan he would beat his rival's mother a plastic chair. He seemed to be comparing his opponent to Dirt bag Dan, Hollohan, or Real deal and This round of the match was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Dirt went into rhyme and claimed that if Diva status was dollars AC (Amazin Crack) could retire from it. He told his opponent to put away his gun because he wouldn't fire it. He tried to say that his opposition sounded like a gay version of Cortez. AC (Amazin Crack) then went into rhyme and accused AC (Amazin Crack) of drinking semen. He called his adversary extremely gay and accused him of looking like he permenantly over dosed off prescription medicines. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

In the fourth round of lyrical battle AC (Amazin Crack) said after you could call Dirt fertilizer after he was finished with him and compared his girl to PH eating a cheese steak. He comparing himself to Ecstasy. Dirt then went into spit and tried to imply that AC (Amazin Crack) was out of the closet. He brought up something his opposition said about Ivan Da Great said that his opposition plays a fagot in his private life. Dirt surely won this round of the match.

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