Thursday, November 11, 2010

Texas Battle League: Michael White vs Gidon

Michael White started the freestyle clash and claimed that he had been warned about making gay jokes about Gidon. He started off telling a story about how his adversary put a gun to his head and apparently tried to rape him. He ended his verse claiming to have stole his gun and beat him with it. He seemed to be freestyle rhyming and claimed to a rap don. Gidon then went into rhyme and accused Michael White of smelling like his odor scent in hyena shit. He accused his opposition of using crack for deodorant and claimed that he would drop a bomb on his head and crib. He accused his challenger of being a pitiful wife beater who was living a lie. This round of the match was a tie.

Michael White went into this round of the cypher against Gidon and seemed to be trying to claim that if he loses it was because he beat himself. He then brought up his last match against Statz. He also said that he would still win if you set him up with a rematch and claimed to had been dancing on the guys mother before he even came to the battle. Gidon went into rhyme and said it looked like Michael White had took too many bumps to the liver. He accused his opponent of having a mother for a sister. His lyrical skills were thorough in this round of the exhibition.

In the third round of the hip hop battle Michael White went in and claimed that people get mad at him for using too many gay jokes. He accused Gidon of sounding like a girl when he raps and claimed to be pimping him. Gidon then went into spit and seemed to be rhyming from a racist angle. He claimed to be trying to imply that Michael White Klan member. He dropped a bit of information as well. Gidon won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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