Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Streetarena: Young Day vs Loot

Young Day started the rhyme battle against Loot first and claimed to be in his prime and asked who would be the next to step up. He referred to his guns and his dope and claimed that all his boys ride. He claimed that he seen a girl he used to mess with and accused her of wanting. Loot then went into spit against Young Day and implied snapping like a vulture. He claimed to be bout it bout it and compared himself to a spotter. He claimed that his boys were i jail doing football numbers and told his adversary to call if he really wants to do a track. Loot won this round of the freestyle battle in my opinion.

Young Day then went into rhyme and implied putting Loot on the bench. He also said every where he goes people hear the flow when he gets it in and claimed that Loot was like Day Day off of Friday. He claimed that he keeps his Chevy riding high and ended his verse claiming to be living off of four words. Loot then went into spit against Young Day and claimed not to be a stranger to danger. He claimed to have a light and M beam equipped on his banger. He then implied tagging his challengers whole crew with his gun and claimed that he would tell his rival's chick not to worry about his flaws. In my opinion Young Day won this round of the exhibition.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Young Day went into spit against Loot and claimed that it was getting windy. He compared his block to a drive through and claimed to kill his last battle. He said that neighbors use to warn him and his peoples for smoking marijuana. He claimed to have horses on his shirt and he was talking about his Ralph Lauren's. Loot then went into rhyme and claimed to be colder than a mortician patient. He claimed that Young Day didn't know how the streets go and called him a pussy on the down low. He claimed that he would trash his adversary to annihilation and said he would treat his whole crew like a hood bitch. Loot won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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