Friday, November 12, 2010


HASH 100S started the rhyme battle against SCO first and claimed that the match was some BS and implied putting his body in the air and letting it linger. He compared his guns to a bisexual singer and claimed round two was sounding like round 3. He compared splitting his adversary to to Dip set and ended his verse saying money gang. SCO then went into rhyme and implied being faster than a speeding bullet. He called HASH 100S a sucker for love and claimed that he was about to let New Jersey down. He called his adversary a rat and claimed that he be hanging with crackers. HASH 100S won this round of the exhibition in my opinion

HASH 100S went into rap and claimed that when ever he battles someone they tell lies about holding big guns and letting bullets fly. He also compared SCO to Omar from The Wire and claimed to have machete the same size as himself. He subliminally brought up kat stacks and Soulja boy. He then mention HAHZY RU and Shotgun Suge. SCO then went into rhyme and claimed to be the magnificent. He also claimed that he would mop the floor with HASH 100S and tried to imply that he looked like a wanna be Jamaican. He then said his adversary was gonna get put back in the whole Vague found him in. HASH 100S won this round of the match in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher HASH 100S went into spit and said that people were sleeping on him. He then said Vague set SCO to get embarrassed and tried to accuse him of trying to be DMX. He claimed that Aye verb is ducking Charlie Clips. He compared himself to Lex Luger. SCO went into claim that him and HASH 100S were the complete opposite and claimed to be hot while his adversary was cold. He also claimed to be new while his adversary was old and accused him of banging brothers. He brought up Skull gang and claimed that he runs trains on his girl. He accused Fred the Godson of having a fake chain. SCO won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

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