Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nerd Rap Battle (tryout): B1 vs Refractor

Refractor started the lyrical battle against B1 claiming that he was gonna rap about things that his crowd couldn't really relate to and claimed to be a 15th level wizard. He claimed that his thoughts were deep and he would launch a missile and place his opponent in eternal sleep. He had homo jokes as well and tried to accuse his opponent of smelling bad. B1 then went into rhyme lyrically and seemed to be accusing Refractor of digging through dumpsters. He did a little imitation of his challenger and accused him of being a man whore. He said that his rival wasn't a mack and said a quotable punchline for real. In my opinion B1 won this round of cypher.

Refractor went into freestyle and countered B1 referencing him digging through trash. He claimed that his opposition looked like a Loony Tunes character and Called him Daffy. He compared his opponents parents to Star Wars characters and spit about putting him in wrestling moves. He claimed to have came to the match with his mother and tried to imply that she would beat him with ladle. B1 then went into rhyme and seemed to be claiming that Refractor wasn't a contestant. He said he would break inside his adversary's mind and made fun of his hand width. Refractor won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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