Saturday, November 6, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Q vs Bigg Ceaser

Bigg Ceaser started this hip hop battle first and called Q a skinny ass. He happily referenced his own size and claimed that he managed to laps around rappers. He claimed that everything he writes is playjerised and accused his opponent of not being able to take Raw Blow and swagger jacking Aspire and poRich. Q went into rhyme and claimed that he didn't think that Bigg Ceaser understood the risk of going up against him. He claimed that his opposition was coming across as being lazy and talked about chopping his body up into portions. Arcane called time on him before he could finish his verse which kind of messed him up. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Bigg Ceaser went into rhyme and claimed to be big while subliminally using his own name's name. He tried to imply that his adversary had a small penis and claimed that he himself eats better food. He seemed to have been slipping on his rhymes. Q then went into rhyme and said that his brain storms are hurricanes. He claimed that he would hang Bigg Ceaser like Chandler and said that he himself was a bully. In my opinion this round of the match was a tie.

In the third round of the tournament Bigg Ceaser went into spit and accused Q of being suspicious. He tried to imply that his adversary was in a relationship with a transvestite. He also claimed that his adversary didn't have heart to win a match and accused his opposition of being in that no name league, rap battle TV, Scribble Jam, and KOTD. He brought up some rapper named X and Young Stitch. Q then went into rhyme and claimed that he felt like watching Bigg Ceaser's career go up in smoke. He claimed that his opposition would make the worst drug dealer and tried to imply that he needed a challenge an that he himself. Bigg Ceaser won this round in my opinion.

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