Monday, November 8, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Nat Select vs DUBz

DUBz started the rap cypher first and introduced himself as being an under dog. He claimed that he had just started rapping recently but Nat Select had been spitting forever and still hadn't progressed. He accused his opponent of being bad at making music and made a reference to The Real Deal's match against Loe Pesci. He ended by claiming that he would kick his adversary's ass. Nat Select went in claiming to have lost first round of the Gran Prix and told DUBz that he couldn't beat him on his best day. He claimed to have hung out with HFK and met his opponent's mother for a sex date. He said at King Of The Dot he himself wasn't known to be a thug. In my opinion this round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical clash DUBz went into spit and said he was at Nat Select's girl's house having sex with her. He then proceeded on to claim that he had seen opponent's mother and made fun of her nibbles. He then claimed to have ran up on him and anxiously knocked him out. He then started to spit some real sadistic shit and descriptively spit about hurting his opponent's girl friend. Nat Select then went into rhyme and claimed that DUBz had no game. He tried to imply that his opponent couldn't even get laid from a Mexican Hooker and compared himself to Ellen DeGeneres. He even brought up his opponent's match with Noah23. He said something about making Prodicalson swallow his tongue. Nat Select won this rounsd of the match in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical match DUBz went into spit and had a lyrical delivery. He tried to imply that Nat Select's girl be clowning his penis and claimed that his opposition would be his first victim at his run at the title shot. He also made fun of the video quality of the Montreal division He ended his verse trying to imply that his opponent career was average half ass and forced. Nat Select then went into rhyme and said he loves King Of The Dot but it was pissing him off. He claimed to set the bar for middle tier and subliminally brought up Young Stitch. He compared DUBz to McNight and Mentality. Nat Select won this round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

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