Friday, November 5, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Japanese Jesus & Dubb Sicks vs ATM & B.C

Japanese Jesus went into rhyme and said ATM's number one fan is a man and Dubb Sicks went into call B.C a fuck face. He made fun of ATM's claiming that he lived i a Shack and Japanese Jesus went in claiming that if the man had a car it would be a Honda Civic. Both of these rappers were obviously free-styling. ATM then went into rhyme for his team and B.C went into rhyme about how he bleeds green and claimed to be nothing but a gangster. He accused Japanese Jesus of being a stranger in his hood. In my opinion Japanese Jesus & Dubb Sicks won the rap cypher.

In the second round of the match Dubb Sicks went into rhyme and said ATM over drafted his account at the Wall Mart bank to by a vibrator. Japanese Jesus then went into accuse his two opponents of looking like a follow up story to relationships in prison. Both of these rappers did a back to back delivery. ATM agressively went into rhyme and accused Japanese Jesus of taking up four parking spots in a parking lot and had many words to describe Dubb Sicks. B.C then went in and accused Japanese Jesus of licking Phranchyze's penis and called him a bitch. ATM claimed that his partner had just came from Grizzlemania and put Soul Khan in the dirt. He also told the story about how his opponent called Drect to cancel there one on one battle

In the third round of the freestyle clash Japanese Jesus started first asking B.C how he could be racially mad at him. He accused his opponents fat white bitch of not really loving him and only kissing him to resolve her family issues. Dubb Sicks called B.C a bad father and tried to imply that his adversary had a kid with his own hand. ATM then went into spit and said Drect set up the match up. Then him and his opposition went into rap back to back with his partner for an excellent performance. In my opinion ATM & B.C won this round of the rap battle.

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